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**** California notary public are prohibited from performing any duties that may be construed as the practice  of law. Among the acts which constitute the practice of law are the preparation, drafting, or selection or  determination of the kind of any legal document, or giving advice in relation to any legal documents or  matters. ***
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State Of California Statue Fees are:  

  • $15 Per Signature by CA  Statute for Acknowledgment or proof of a deed  or other instrument, to include the seal and the writing of the certificate  to one person's signature. 
  • $15 Administering an oath or affirmation to one person
  • $15 Executing the jurat including the seal
  • $30 for all services rendered in connection with taking of any deposition
  •  $7  for additional services rendered in connection with taking of any deposition -administering the oath to the witness - Certificate to deposition
  • $0 Notarize signatures on vote by mail ballot identification envelopes or other voting materials.
  • $15 Certifying a copy of a power of attorney under Probate Code section 4307


Mobile Service fee is not mandated by State of California and is charged in addition to California required fee.• 
•  Mobile Notary Public & Loan Signing Services Fees Are: 

  • 1-14 miles $50   
  • 15-29 miles $65  
  • 30-40 miles $70
  • 40- 50 miles $100


Payments must be made upon our  meeting time, after I check the documents  and before the notarization has taken  place. 

  •  I accept cash, and credit cards.
  •  Credit card transactions have additional  fee of $3.00 for up to $75  and  $5 for over $80 up to $150 transactions
  •   If you have more than 6 signatures that needs to be notarized I will be able to give  you some  discounts on Mobile Service fee. 
  • Notary Will Witness Signature for Wills and  other documents for a fee of $25. 
  • Invoice will be  provided upon request.  ​

  Thank you for Considering Mobile Notary Public & Loan Signing Services for Your Documents  Signature Verification Needs. I am looking forward to working with you!